The idea to stage a major international children’s film festival was originally conceived by Nick Place at Media Giants way back in 2004. Nick's passion for giving kids a chance to have a film festival all their own led to Little Big Shots.

Over a decade later, Little Big Shots has now become its own not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the media literacy of young people, fostering children's creativity and showcasing the very best in filmmaking for, by and about kids.

In 2017, entering its 13th year, the festival now stands as Australia’s only major stand-alone kids’ film festival - a niche Australian event, that tours all major cities in the country from June ever year. With its focus on diverse short films collected from all over the world as well as a commitment to showing the best child-made films from Australia plus plenty of competitions and opportunities for involvement, Little Big Shots is one of the year’s most exciting experiences for kids.