Casula (Western Sydney)

Where: Casula Powerhouse
October 10th 2018 to October 14th 2018

In 2018 Little Big Shots is moving West. We are thrilled to announce that our brand new venue partnership this year is with the Casula Powerhouse and the amzing team at this jewel of an arts and community centre.

With a 300-seat DCP (Digital Cinema) capable theatre, the LBS Festival Director, Ben Laden came back raving about his meeting with the mercurial, Casula Powerhouse Director, Craig Donarski.

Aside from the state of the art cinema, there's contemporary art galleries, a beautiful kitchen garden that supplies the gourmet cafe and handy public transport options to get you and the family to the festival.

We loved our time at the Sydney Opera House over the past 13 years, but change is good for the soul we think, and working with Craig and his staff at this magnificent new venue is a perfect new start for LBS. 

For the first time in Sydney, we'll be screening the full LBS 2018 program. Our 2+ session for the little people (Journeys, Jams and a Tiny Man) right through to our 12+ session for big kids (All the Colours in the World). 

We've even been invited to preview a couple of this year's program at the centre's Way Out West kids festival curated by the amazing and legendary director, Claudia Chidiac in July on Wed 18 and Fri 20. Book now for WOW and then tell all your friends that LBS will be back in Oct with the whole kit and kaboodle.

We feel very blested to have found such a perfect new home. Ben will be attending WOW this July, so come say hi and ask him about the fest. He'll be wearing an old man's hat and an appalling jacket of some description. We don't really know why, but perhaps you can ask him. 

Just look at this supercool theatre space. We can't wait. 

See you in July and October.